We bought 2 new white goats to add to our herd. One was dumbledore, a buck and his friend Gandalf. We had them for two days. I walked outside one morning and see Gandalf laying on the ground, dead. Something had crushed his face and left a huge 3.5-4inch paw print. Dumbledore had also been hurt. We think that whatever it was grabbed Dumby first and that his friend Gandalf, who had horns, rammed into the animal to save dumby. All our other goats had run away.

We nursed Dumby back to health. Almost 2 months went by. Everything seemed safe and the attack was mostly forgotten. Then we get up one morning. It was november 12 actually. I know this cause it was my birthday. Dumby is out of his pasture laying next to the fence letting my dog lick him. Normally Dumby runs from my dog. The other goats were all in the front yard again. Dumby’s face had deep puncture wounds again.  And claw marks on his back hindquarter.

After the previous attack we had bought a LGD, Brie the great pyrenese. We’re assuming her barking and running at the animals is probably what saved Dumby.

We tried for a week to nurse him back to health. Cleaned his wounds. Kept him in the house. Got him pain meds and antibiotics. Tried various food items to get him to eat. We thought he was gonna make it. Then he took a turn for the worse. Stopped trying to eat. Stopped pooping. Stopped even being willing to stand up. Rushed him to the vet saturday night and tried a few last things. We took him back home. Wrapped him a blanket and put him in the warmest room of the house hoping he’d make it thru the night. He didnt.

After fighting for a week, Dumby finally gave up. Now our mission is to catch and kill whatever killed him. All we know is that it was a cat. Either a massive bobcat. Or a cougar. Even tho those aren’t supposed to be here.


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